Under 8 Division Rules

U8 Laws of the Games - Modified Rules

  • Minutes per Half: 20
  • One Fields with 4 Field Players and a Goalkeeper on each field simultaneously
  • Minimum players to start: 4 per field
  • Ball size #3
  • Parent Referees are encouraged to provide instruction whenever appropriate.
  • Goal Keeper can not punt the ball when it is in their hands. They must roll or throw the ball to a team mate.

Field of Play:

  • One field approximately 30 yards wide x 50 yards long
  • Goals are to be 6 Feet Tall x 12 Feet Wide
  • Center Cirle is to be an 8 yard radius
  • No Goal Box, but a single Penalty Area will be provided.


  • Substitutions are allowed during any stoppage of play (Throw-In, Goal Kick, Kick-Off, Corner Kick, Indirect Kick, and Injury)


  • In the event of an illegal throw-in the player shall be provided a second try.
  • If the second throw-in is also "illegal" play shall continue and the players coach should reteach the skill to the player during an appropriate time such as half time or at their next team practice.

Goalkeeper Release:

  • The 6-second rule does not apply.
  • However, goalkeepers that walk around the Penalty Area for an extended amount of time shall be encouraged to place the ball in play by the Parent Referee.

Free Kicks:

  • All Free Kicks (including Kick-Offs) are to be Indirect Free Kicks.
  • A goal can not be scored directly from an Indirect Free Kick.
  • The Referee shall raise one arm into the air above their head and keep it raised until a second player touches the ball.  The second player touching the ball may be from either team.
  • If the goalkeeper forgets this rule, and tries to play the ball, resulting in it deflecting off of him/her into their own goal it will count as a goal since a second player touched the ball.

Goal Kicks:

  • Goal Kicks are to be taken from the top of the Penalty Area.
  • All players are to be a minimum of 8 Yards from the ball for Goal Kicks.


  • Only gross offsides will be called, and at the referee’s discretion.

Penalty Kicks:

  • The Under 8 division does not have penalty kicks.
  • All Free Kicks in the Under 8 division are to be Indirect Free Kicks.


  • No slide tackling is allowed in the Under 8 division.

Exceptions for Hot Conditions:

  • On hot days the coaches may agree to convert the game from 2 halves to either 3 periods or 4 quarters as they deem appropriate.
  • No games shall be rescheduled due to excessive heat.


  • No games shall be rescheduled due to field closure from rain in the Under 8 division.
  • Coaches may not reschedule their own games due to rainout.

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