Video Walkthroughs: Snap! Spend

A team will be created for you in Snap! by the ESC Snap! admin (Drew Kempiak). Once that happens an  email will be sent inviting you to join your team as a “Team Assistant”. Sign up for this and you will have access to your team's bank account and a debit card will be issued to you. The debit card will get to you within two weeks.

Below are the steps you need to take to get started in Snap!

Entering A Roster/Players into Snap!

  • When you are done, scroll to the bottom of this page and click ‘Send Invites’

Setting up a budget

Sending out Bills/Invoices

  • When you have created, and published, your first Invoice your team families will be sent an email to sign up with Snap!

How to change the fee for a single player or to send different invoices to individual families 

Deleting an invoice from a player as well as giving a player their own invoice separate from the team

Depositing Money

Writing checks

Reconciling expenses/income

Crediting a player

Transferring Money to another ESC team or to ESC

Snap! (formerly GroundWork) Manual

  • How-to manual for a majority of the items you will need to do within Snap!

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