What is Competitive Soccer?

Competitive soccer is for kids and families that want a more extensive soccer experience than what our recreational program offers.    Players must tryout and be selected to play on a competitive team.  Many of our competitive teams train and have games almost year round.  This training includes a fall season, several tournaments (many require travel and an overnight stay), and some teams play a spring season. Our financial commitment is far less than most programs as teams are mostly coached by volunteers (although most have, or are working on their coaching licneses through US Soccer). 

Competitive soccer starts for kids that are 8 years old and continues until they are 18 years old.  

Levels of Competitive Soccer

There are several levels of competitive soccer that our teams play in.  The first level of competitive soccer is bronze, then silver, gold, and ultimately premier.  One team may bounce back and forth in these levels from year to year, or play in a tournament at a different level for developmental reasons.

The goal of competitive soccer is to develop players and to learn the game at a higher level. At the younger ages, it cannot be just about wins and losses, as this is not always a benchmark for learning. However, as our teams grow, we are very proud of their accomplishments at both tournaments and league, with many teams placing in the top 4 on a regular basis! 

If you have questions on if competitive soccer is right for your child or family, please contact our VP of Competitive Soccer, Manny Perez, or our Director of Coaching, Mark Marcarian. 

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