Video Walkthroughs: GotSport and GotSoccer


How to Schedule games in GotSport and with ESC

  • ESC scheduling must happen first, after you coordinate with other team via GotSport 'chat'. Then schedule game in GotSport. ESC and GotSport scheduling are not linked!
    • Managers have to enter games into GotSport separately AFTER your game is scheduled with ESC Scheduler

Printing a Game Card for league play and entering game results

  • Before the game make sure you have your player cards, referee fee (in exact/small bills) and game card. Print the game card before the game and put it in your binder after the game

How to look tournaments in GotSport

  • This is a new searchable page within GotSport. There are some kinks they need to work out: linking registration is the main one I saw, but it was better than the nothing that was there in the past. 

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