Practice and Game Schedule

To Schedule Games:

1. Identify a free time and space on a field matching your teams age group. 

2. Send a request, via email, to our scheduler Rachel Weston, at Rachel will coordinate with Ref Director and confirm date and time and ref availability. 

3. Confirm your times and location with your opponent (this can and should be done before you schedule the game). 

4. Bring cash to the field to pay the refs (you may only get one ref up to playing age U16 for Spring). 

2021 Game and Scrimmage Schedule (go in and add you and the Empire team you are scrimmaging on the Sat you want to scimmage -it's currently designed to give coaches editing abiliy. If it becomes and issue, we can change it so that only the Field Scheduler can edit (add games). 


2021  Practice Schedule



7v7 and 9v9 and 11v11 Game Schedule


11v11 Game Schedule


Competitive Ref Pay:

Age          Center         AR           Dual           Solo

U9/10         $35

U11/12       $40           $30           $45             $60

U13           $45            $35           $55             $75

U14/15/16 $50            $40           $65             $80

U17 +         $60           $45           $80             $100


Empire Home Game Cancellation Policy

Just to clarify our policy for home game cancellations; they must be done 3 days before the game day by midnight. For instance, if you have a game on Saturday (regardless of the time of the game) and you need to cancel, you must email the game scheduler and the ref scheduler before midnight on the Wednesday prior to the game. The ref crew will need to be paid by your team if this does not occur. 


The only case in which this does not apply is for the health of the team (ie., Covid, or if we as a club are under an AQI alert). 

Contact Information


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