Uniform Fee for 2020

Uniforms are available at Empire Registration events for $45, or after registration from Soccer & Sports for $55.



The uniform is a very high quality reversible, with color logos and numbers. Your jersey will be paid for and picked up at registration this year. 

Each uniform kit will be purchased this year for $45 (at registration only at this discounted price). 

Uniforms will be available during registration; but run by Soccer and Sports.

Parents will need to write a separate check (or credit card/debit card) for Empire registration fee, and the another check for the uniform (which is written to Soccer and Sports).

Uniform Kit inclues

  • Jersey
  • Matching shorts
  • Matching socks.
  • Carrying bag (if purchased during any of the 4 registrations walk-in dates).

Advantages of Purchased  Uniform Kits:

  • Player can use for multiple years. 
  • Players can use for different teams throughout the year.
  • Parents can pass uniform down to younger siblings.