Competitive Tryouts - 2020


Interested in Tryouts? (this is not for Recreational Soccer)

All players(including current) must REGISTER HERE. There is no cost to register. There are only costs when your player is placed on a team. 

Tryout Schedule

It is very important that players are on the field 30 min prior to their time slot. This is to ensure a safe sign in procedure. 

Saturday, June 27

Galvin 2

9-10am 2012 Boys and Girls

10:30-11:30am 2011 Boys and Girls

12-1pm 2008 Boys and Girls

1:30-2:30 2006 Girls 05 Boys

2:00-3:00 2003/04/05 Girls

Rincon Valley Park (same day)

9-10am 2010 Boys and Girls

10:30-11:30 2009 Boys and Girls

12-1pm 2007 Boys and Girls



Monday June 29

Galvin 2

5:30-6:30 2012 Boys and Girls

7:00-8:00pm 2011 Boys and Girls

Rincon Valley Park

5:30-6:30pm 2010 Boys and Girls

7:00-8:00pm 2009 Boys and Girls

Tuesday June 30

Galvin 2

5:30-6:30 2008 Boys and Girls  05 Boys (Galvin 1)

7:00-8:00 2007 Boys and Girls

Rincon Valley Park

5:30-6:30 2006 Girls 

7:30-8:30 2003/04/05 Girls



All other tryouts you don't see (the older teams) are arranged by the coach on their practice field. 

There are certain safety rules we will enforce. These include:

1. Safe distance between players, coaches and parents. 

2. No sharing of water. seperation during water breaks.

3. No pinnies will be used. 

4. At this point, plan to bring a soccer ball though it may not be used.  

5. Players bring and wear face masks. During drills, they remove them and replace them once outside of drills. 

6. At Rincon Park, drop of on West end, and pick up on East end of parking lot. At Galvin, drop of at South end of circle. and pick up on the North end. This is not a perfect system; please just use Safe Distance Protocols at all time. 




Must attend at least one tryout to be eligible to make a team (and we enourage players making both). If you have any questions please contact VP of Competitve Manuel Perez at or Director of Comp Coaches Mark Marcarian at


Slide Show for Parents intereted in Comp Soccer at Empire

Player Registration form - US Soccer Club (not required when registering Online)


Tryouts are TBA

We have both boys and girls teams and coaches in the following ages (and several with multiple teams):

Boys: 2012, 2011, 2010 (2 teams), 2009, 2008, 2007 (2 teams), 2006, 2005, 2004

Girls: 2012, 2011 (possible 2 teams), 2010 (2 teams), 2009 (3 teams), 2008 (2 teams), 2007, 2006, 2003-2005 (2 teams).