Competitive Tryouts - 2018


Interested in Tryouts?

All players(including current) must REGISTER HERE. There is no cost to register. There are only costs when your player is placed on a team. 


Comp Info Night Slide Show

Must attend at least one tryout to be eligible to make a team. If you have any questions please contact VP of Competitve Manuel Perez at teamperez6@gmail.com or Director of Comp Coaches Mark Marcarian at empiresoccerone@gmail.com

Playup Request Form (all players must attend at least one tryout in their natural age group).
Player Registration form - US Soccer Club (not required whn registering Online)

All Tryouts will be at Rincon Valley Park. Please consider other parts of the park to park your car. Please be at the field 30 minutes prior to your time slot for check in and warm ups. Each age is based on Birth Year (for instance, “10” refers to Birth Year 2010).


Please look for future info that will provide a Sign Up link for Tryouts.


May 21



5pm-6:15 10, 09  Boys and Girls

6:30-7:45 08, 07  Boys and Girls


May 22



5pm-6:15 06, 05 Girls

6:30-7:45 06, 05  Boys


May 23



5-6:15 04 Girls (this includes both Rhodes and Poulter teams)

6:30-7:45 04, 03  Boys


May 24



5-6:15 03, 02, 01 Girls


Saturday June 2

9-10am: 10, 09 girls and boys


10:15-11:15am: 08, 07 girls and boys


11:30-12:30pm: 06, 05  girls


12:45-1:45pm: 06, 05  boys


2:30-3:30pm: 04 girls (this includes both Rhodes and Poulter teams)


3:45-4:45pm: 04, 03  boys


5:45-6:45pm: 03, 02, 01 girls